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May 16, 2018
"Classic Logo" Bikini (Exclusive Limited Edition)

Official Dark Funeral "Classic Logo" now in a traditional bikini! This is a one size adjustable bikini. Classic and sexy! Don't wait, order now before they are gone!

Available in size XS to XL
Mail us your reservation to

250 SEK, 20 EUR, 18 GBP, 30 USD

130 SEK, 13 EUR, 11 GBP, 15 USD

130 SEK, 13 EUR, 11 GBP, 15 USD

Apr 24, 2018
Embroidered Logo Snap Back Available Now

Embroidered Logo Snap Back (Black) - now available though Diaboliswear - North America.

Buy here:

Diaboliswear is the official Dark Funeral Webstore with one online store based in Europe & one in USA.

Apr 18, 2018
Limited 2018 US Tour Items Now Available

Limited 2018 US Tour items are now available! Free postage for US Residents!

After our extremely successful US/CAN tour together with Septicflesh and Thy Antichrist, that ended about a month ago, we are having a sale of tour merch. Due to extremely popular designs we didn't manage to have a full inventory for all the gigs. And we know that many of you left the shows empty handed, simply because we ran out of items. This is your chance to solve that!

Order here:

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