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Feb 22, 2024
Lots of new designs & items now available!

Lots of new designs & items now available!

Jan 15, 2024

Dark Funeral ‘Order Of The Black Hordes’ Textile Poster
Dark Funeral ‘Nosferatu’ Textile Poster
Dark Funeral ‘Where Shadows Forever Reign’ Textile Poster

Get your now at: https://shorturl.at/vDGL5


Nov 19, 2023
BLACK METAL WEEK(s) upon you!

BLACK METAL WEEK(s) upon you!
It's time to make a deal with the Devil...

At our main store we offer 15% off storewide from Nov. 17th - Dec. 1st! Don’t miss!
Subscribe to our shop newsletter and get a 5,- € discount on top!

SHOP: https://bitly.ws/RQRU

NORTH AMERICA - We have a special offer for you.
25% Off from Nov 22nd to Nov 27th
$15 Min order. Some Exclusions Apply
While supply last

SHOP: https://bitly.ws/32zgZ


Oct 8, 2023
Dark Funeral Mug

Make that coffee black like my metal! A favourite finally back in stock. Get yours now at Diaboliswear


Sep 26, 2023
Lord Ahriman release new signature jewelry

Lord Ahriman present his latest jewelry, again made in collaboration with Tyvodar Jewellery. Now available in Silver 925 & Brass! 

SHOP: www.lordahriman.com


Aug 14, 2023
NEW ARRIVAL Dark Funeral "Pentagram Socks"

NEW ARRIVAL Dark Funeral "Pentagram Socks"

One Size:
EU 40-45
UK 7-10
US 8-11

Material: 72% Cotton / 26% polyamide / 2% spandex
Comes in 1 pair, 3 pair or 5 pairs pack

SHOP HERE: https://rb.gy/j5hio


Jul 12, 2023
DARK FUNERAL "The Order Of The Black Hordes" Rain Jacket

A high quality rain jacket with one of our most popular prints 'The Order Of The Black Hordes'. Comes with breast pocket, inner pocket and inner sleeves with thumb hole. Not only suitable for rainy weather, but also wearable as windbreaker and regular jacket. 100% Polyester.

Feb 11, 2023
Lord Ahriman posters available

Lord Ahriman is currently offer 3 posters through his personal store. You can buy the posters separately or in 2 different BUNDLES.

1. Lord Ahriman "In The Sign of The Horns" POSTER
2. Lord Ahriman "I Am The Apocalypse" POSTER
3. Lord Ahriman "Nightfall" POSTER

Size: 50x70cm (19.69 x 27.56 in)
250 g/m² offset-paper
Printed on a 250 g/m² heavy offset paper, which gives it a rough and matte texture, but also makes it look more like an art than a regular Music poster. 
Artwork by Dan Lerner/Omnigraphicon (Ghost, Slayer)

POSTER 2 & 3
Size: B2 (50 x 70cm / 19.68x27.55inch)
Printed on 135 g/m² Glossy Paper  
Signed & Limited to 100 copies! 

Visit the store here: lordahriman.com

Feb 6, 2023
North American Tour Tee leftovers. Few copies!

We have a few copies left of our recent "North American Apocalypse 2022" - Tour T-Shirt. In size Small & Medium only. Get it now before its gone!


Mar 29, 2022
DARK FUNERAL with Samael & Eleine + Worldwide live streaming

DARK FUNERAL w/ Samael & Eleine
Live at Fållan, Stockholm on April 16
+ Worldwide live streaming with Dark Funeral & Samael.

Info & tickets: https://biljetter.tix.to/darkfuneralfallan

* When you purchase the streaming ticket you will be able to watch the show up to 48h after broadcast!

And to celebrate even further, every bought streaming ticket comes with a 10% discount coupon to our main & North American webstore for Dark Funeral!

Facebook Eventpage: https://fb.me/e/1fVHUn7OE

Mar 24, 2022

Lord Ahriman have alot of new support & signature merchandise avaiable through his online store. Check it out!


Feb 8, 2022
Get your exclusive & limited "Nightfall" T-Shirt & Long Sleeve NOW

Get your exclusive & limited "Nightfall" T-Shirt & Long Sleeve NOW:

Jan 20, 2022
Just in! Fleece scarf with drawstring.

Just in! Fleece scarf with drawstring. Perfect for cold days!

Get yours now!

Jan 11, 2022
Update reg. our Ultra-Clear-Blue-White-Black-Splattered Vinyl

The majority of our LTD "Ultra-Clear-Blue-White-Black-Splattered Vinyl" sold out fast as a blastbeat. However, we have put away some copies that we will have available on shows / tours eventually. We have also put away some copies that we will sign, and once they are physically available, they will be offered through competitions and via diaboliswear.com. Just keep following us on our social media and keep an eye on additional information.

Jan 9, 2022
New arrivals

Direct link: https://www.diaboliswear.com/victorious-merch/index.php


Nov 17, 2021

Black with white Logo on both sides!
Size: 12 x 10 cm. Weight: 30 gram

RESTOCK: For yet another winter, we can offer you our absolute best bestseller - The ultimate Ice-scraper. A classic, graced with the eminent Dark Funeral Logo. A must for every car owner!

We offer packages of 1, 3, 5 or 10 - The more you buy, the bigger the discount you get!

Heljarmadr show how its done!
Watch video: https://bit.ly/3CprqW8

Get yours now at https://darkfuneral.bigcartel.com

SVERIGE - Ni kan även betala med SWISH eller BANKGIRO
Skriv namn samt antal & sen inboxar ni emailar du ditt fullständiga namn & adress till info@diaboliswear.com
När betalningen & email är mottaget, skickar vi paketet. Tack!

SVERIGE - Isskrapa inklusive porto
1st 42:- SEK
3st 123:- SEK
5st 209:- SEK
10st 379:- SEK
Mängdrabatt vid beställning av fler.

Swish: 123 088 74 89
Bankgiro: 5208-5669

More merch: http://www.diaboliswear.com

Nov 5, 2021
New arrivals November 5, 2021

N E W ! ! !
DARK FUNERAL - Zipper - Logo
Size: S - 3XL
Greenatic (Fairtrade Organic Cotton)

DARK FUNERAL - T-Shirt - As One We Shall Conquer
Size: S - 3XL
Greenatic (Fairtrade Organic Cotton)



Jul 30, 2021
New arrivals


Jul 14, 2021
New Male Tanktop & Girlie

DARK FUNERAL - Girlie Shirt - The Order Of The Black Hordes

DARK FUNERAL - Male Tank Top - The Order Of The Black Hordes

Available for shipping by the beginning of august.


Jul 1, 2021
North America: 20% OFF all orders starting July 1

For a limited time you can get 20% OFF all orders $15+. Your discount will be applied at checkout. Check everything out in the official online store today!


Jul 1, 2021
Lord Ahriman: Dark Red Edition of signature guitar/bass strap

Lord Ahriman release a Dark Red Edition of his signature guitar/bass strap by @richterstraps

Pentagram & logo leather embossings in dark red with red stitching.

Width: 2.75'' (7 cm).
Length adjustable: 38.6 - 62.2'' (98 - 158 cm).


More info, visit shop at http://www.lordahriman.com 

May 6, 2021
New release!

T-Shirt + Longsleeve + Hooded Zipper

Improved quality & bigger size span:
Printed on Greenatic T-Shirts
Fair and sustainable garments
100% Organic Cotton
Available in size S – 3XL
Worldwide shipping!

Mar 26, 2021
Dark Funeral ‘Logo’ Face Cover

Dark Funeral ‘Logo’ Face Cover - Now available through our European shop: https://bit.ly/39ilNgW

Jan 14, 2021
Lord Ahriman "In The Sign of The Horns" - Poster, T-Shirt & Zip-Hood

You asked for it, you got it!!

Lord Ahriman "In The Sign of The Horns"
Poster, T-Shirt & Zip-Hood

T-Shirt & Zip-Hood  is available in size S - XXL

LTD Poster
Size: 50x70cm (Approx 19.69 x 27.56 in)
250 g/m² offset-paper
100 copies signed & hand-numbered by Lord Ahriman
Artwork by Dan Lerner/Omnigraphicon (Ghost, Slayer)

The poster is printed on a 250 g/m² heavy offset paper, which gives it a rough and matte texture, but also makes it look more like an art than a regular Music poster. This first exclusive version is strictly limited to a 100 copies.



Jan 8, 2021
Lord Ahriman release a new stunning poster!

PRE-ORDER NOW - Limited to a 100 copies only!

Lord Ahriman "In The Sign of The Horns" LTD Poster
Poster Size: 50x70cm (Approx 19.69 x 27.56 in)
250 g/m² offset-paper
100 copies signed & hand-numbered by Lord Ahriman
Artwork by Dan Lerner/@omnigraphicon

The poster is printed on a 250 g/m² heavy offset paper, which gives it a rough and matte texture, but also makes it look more like an art than a regular Music poster.
This first exclusive version is strictly limited to a 100 copies.

Shop: http://www.lordahriman.com

Dec 21, 2020
Lord Ahriman Jewlery & Dark Funeral album update

Lord Ahriman launch new webstore & release exlusive handmade silver jewlery designed in collaboration with Tyvodar Jewellery.

Ahriman comment:
Finally! My very first jewelry collection is out! And I could not be more than super satisfied with the result. We have worked very hard, for a very long time to give you top design and quality. And it's indeed a pleasure to work with Aleksander, who are an absolutely amazing jewellery artist.

The first collection consists of a Ring, Pendant, Earrings & a solid Necklace with a custom chain, all handcrafted and made in 925 sterling silver. And more is coming...

Now available at:

Moving over to another but yet so important topic. We are currently hard at work on a new Dark Funeral album too. And just like on our previous album, I focus on writing & pre-producing the music in my simple home studio, while Heljarmadr write lyrics and tracks vocals. Jalomaah are working on making the drums more epic than the programmed demo drums I have made while writing. However, some work remains before we are ready to book a studio and record a new album, but we are moving forward. The most important thing is that the end result will be epic! /Lord Ahriman & DARK FUNERAL


Dec 19, 2020
New Merch "Social Distancing"

Dark Funeral "Social Distancing"

T-Shirt, Long Sleeve & Zip-Hood now available through our European webstore:

* Coming soon in our North American store.


Dec 6, 2020

Ave everyone! Corona has, in many ways, been a challenging time for many of us, including myself. And when it is not possible to tour, it also means no income. And since my side job between our last two albums was working on shows and various events, I have not been able to fall back on it either, but I am a survivor! I always find strength in myself and ways to adapt to new and unexpected situations. And I'm pretty creative after-all. So when it became clear to me that this pandemic would stay with us for a while, keep us off the road and force us to keep social distances, it made me start brainstorming different business ideas that would fit into this new situation.

Many of you may not know this, but I have always been interested in and/or worked with different forms of design. And since the mid-90s, I have for periods worked as a consultant on the side of the band, which means that I have been my own boss, chosen my clients and projects, which is a work strategy that I think suits me very well. So continuing to brainstorm ideas in that direction was pretty obvious to me. Anyway, to make a long story short. Once I had come up some absolutely fantastic ideas, I decided to start a new design brand under my own name "Lord Ahriman", where I can realize all these epic ideas that I have, ideas that I can not realize with Dark Funeral of course!

My first design & release was my signature guitar strap through Richter Straps. Now I am very enthusiastic and eager to present & eventually show you my next release, which is almost ready for launch. It is a Satanic jewelry series, which I have designed and worked to realize together with Tyvodar Jewellery. The first collection will consist of a ring, earrings & a pair of necklaces and more to come. I hope that everyone who is interested in this type of symbolism will like them.

Anyway. In addition to working with my new brand and a few other things, I have and is currently also working hard on a new Dark Funeral album. And just like on our previous album, I focus on writing & pre-producing the music in my simple home studio, while Heljarmadr write lyrics and tracks vocals. Jalomaah has also started working on making the drums more epic than my programmed demo drums. However, some work remains before we are ready to book a studio and record a new album, but we are moving forward. The most important thing is that the end result will be epic!

Lord Ahriman, DARK FUNERAL

Nov 22, 2020
Lord Ahriman - Black Metal Week SALE


Nov 12, 2020
Lord Ahriman to release a occult jewelry line

Watch teaser here


Oct 11, 2020
Merch Sale - new producs & more sizes added

First of all, thank you for your support! We have a lot of more space now and we have together managed to get a lot of merch to where it belong, in your hands!

Latest addition to our SALE CAMPAIGN is our limited "25 Years Anniversary/Swedish Tour T-shirt, more sizes of our very popular "The Order Of The Black Hordes" T-Shirt and some hoodies, go check it out!

And remember. Every T-Sshirt/zip-hood order comes with a FREE Dark Funeral Logo Pin as long as stock lasts. Be quick to nail it!


Oct 4, 2020
New signature merch from Lord Ahriman

Pre-orders now available at


Sep 11, 2020
Lord Ahriman Signature Logo Patch

Lord Ahriman just released an embroderier cut-out patch with his stunning signature logo.

Now available through his big cartel store.



Aug 19, 2020
Dark Funeral Camo Shorts now available

Dark Funeral Camo Shorts available at;





Aug 18, 2020
Lord Ahriman Signature Logo Patch

Lord Ahriman will release a cut-out patch with his very own signature Logo and is accepting pre-orders now. 

Pre-order here: http://www.lordahriman.bigcartel.com

Jul 8, 2020
Nail Them To The Cross”All-Over print T-Shirt

NEW RELEASE through Rockmark Merchandise

DARK FUNERAL “Nail Them To The Cross”All-Over print T-Shirt. Available in size S to 5XL!

Shop here:

Jul 1, 2020

For a limited time, you can get 15% off & FREE shipping (US only) when you use the promo code DF2020 at check out! 

Plus, we've got new merch available to pre-order now including a face mask and two neck gaiters. There's also new The Order of the Black Hordes merch for both men and women. We expect these to all ship out around the end of the month. Check it all out in our North American online store today!

SHOP HERE: https://bit.ly/3ighDJr

Jun 29, 2020
Tube scarfa

Dark Funeral collection of Multifunctional cloth. Can be used as face shield/mask, tube scarf, bandana, wind stopper, armban, balaclava and etc.




Jun 29, 2020
Ladies Allover print T-Shirt

Ladies we got something new for you, a "DARK FUNERAL "Diabolis Interium" Ladies All-Over T-Shirt



Jun 16, 2020
Dark Funeral Merch from Metal Kids

Dark Funeral shirts and much more for your babies and kids We can now offer you merch spanning from size 62 (for 3-6 month), up to size 164 (for 13 years old).

Shop here: https://metal-kids.com/en/bands/bands-c-f/dark-funeral


Feb 24, 2020
Exclusive, Handmade & LTD Belt Buckle

- Limited Edition (100ex)
- Handmade
- Made by Mike Steel Creative Industries
- Comes in a black jewelry box with a silver DARK FUNERAL logo.
Approx size Belt Buckle: 6,5 x 8,7 x 8,7 cm
Approx size Box: 8,7 x 8,7 x 2,7 cm


About the Belt Buckle:
It is step by step handmade of a hard and Lead-free Tin Alloy . They are first carved on a wax model, then molded front and back in a silicon based mould, where the melted Tin alloy is going to be cast. The buckles fittings are made of polished Iron, bented one by one with a special custom tool and mounted on each buckle before packaging.

För Svenska kunder accepterar vi även betalningar med SWISH!
E-maila oss din reservation/beställning, inkludera namn & adress till: info(at)diaboliswear.com


Nov 8, 2019
The Lord Ahriman - T-Shirt & LTD Poster now available!

- The T-shirt is available in sizes S to XXL and comes as Gildan Heavy Cotton and Softstyle

- The Poster is handnumbered, signed and Limited to a 100ex only

Shop here: https://lordahriman.bigcartel.com


TOURDATES: bnds.us/iexs8t


Aug 24, 2019


- Logo (Cut-out)
- The Order of The Black Hordes
- Shadow Monks

SHOP HERE: https://darkfuneral.bigcartel.com

För Svenska kunder accepterar vi även SWISH & bankgiro!
Vill du hellre betala med SWISH eller Bankgiro så E-maila oss vad du vill beställa på info@diaboliswear.com. Inkludera fullständigt namn & adress
Vi återkommer med totala priset samt betalinfo!

Wholesale prises are available for shops & distributors. Email us at info@diaboliswear.com



Aug 7, 2019
Lord Ahriman - Portrait LTD T-Shirt

Since the previous Lord Ahriman T-Shirt was such a success, there's already a new design on its way. And you can pre-order it here: https://lordahriman.bigcartel.com/product/lord-ahriman-portrait-t-shirt-ltd

Orders will be shipped by the end of the month (August), or as soon they come from the printer.

Make sure to secure your copy now before its sold out!

Strickly limited!

Jul 25, 2019
Teach Children To Worship DARK FUNERAL

Since the request for Dark Funeral merchandise for your children has been quite big in recent years, we have finally listened to you and nailed a license deal with Metal-Kids in Germany. We can now offer you merch spanning from size 62 (for 3-6 month), up to size 164 (for 13 years old).

SHOP NOW: https://bit.ly/2Y9TuZF

PS. Metal Kids will have their own merchstand at Wacken Open Air where all of the items will be available for purshase.

Mar 13, 2019
For fans and collectors

Lord Ahriman & Chaq Mol have launched their own personal web-shop designed especially for die-hard fans and collectors. Check out what they have to offer you right now at;

Mar 11, 2019
Dark Funeral Bikini (LTD) - Now on sale!

NOW ON SALE! Exlusive & limited editions by Speed-Clothes - Email us your reservation NOW, along with your name & adress

Dark Funeral - Where the Shadows Forever Reign BIKINI SET
Size: X-Small - Large
Great outfit to wear at the beach or mix and match for everyday wear!!!
Material: 88% Spandex 12% Polyester.

Dark Funeral - Classic Logo ADJUSTABLE BIKINI
Size: X-Small - Large
This a one size adjustable bikini top and bottom. Classic and sexy!

199 SEK (Sweden only!)
* Prices includes postage!

* North American residents: Please order through www.speed-clothes.com



Dec 17, 2018

For the third year in a row, we are proud to offer you our absolute best bestseller - The ultimate Ice-scraper. A classic, now graced with the eminent Dark Funeral Logo. Black with white Logo on both sides! Storlek/Size: 12 x 10 cm

SVERIGE - Isskrapa inklusive porto
1st 37:- SEK
3st 98:- SEK
5st 144:- SEK
10st 292:- SEK

WORLD - Icescrape incl shipping
1st 7 USD / 6 EUR / 5 GBP
3st 14 USD / 12 EUR / 11 GBP
5st 23 USD / 20 EUR / 18 GBP
10st 40 USD / 35 EUR / 30 GBP

We accept Swish, Postgiro, Paypal and regular banktransfer.

Bank Name: Swedbank AB
Swish: 123 088 74 89
Paypal: paypal.me/darkfuneral
Bankgiro: 5208-5669
IBAN: SE8280000832796940129833
Swift Code (Bic): SWEDSESS

Mark the payment with your name + item
Email us your order, full name & postal adress to info@diaboliswear.com

Once payment is received, we'll ship the package.Thank you!

For more items, visit our webshop at: http://www.diaboliswear.com


Dec 3, 2018
New merch available now!

We got some new and absolutely amazing designs & items now available through our webstore "DIABOLISWEAR".

Shop here: http://www.diaboliswear.com






Shop now: http://www.diaboliswear.com

Nov 26, 2018

First of all a big THANK YOU! to all of you who attended our Swedish anniversary tour. We know that many traveled far to get here, and we are in absolute awe for the effort and response!

As many of you bitterly experienced, we didn't print enough merch to satisfy you all, sizes ran out quick and our exclusive tour shirt sold out even faster. To rectify this, we have reprinted the tour shirt. Once these are sold-out, it´s gone forever. So, make sure grab yours now!

Available in size S - XXL
Shop now: https://bit.ly/2PSl6Dg


Nov 25, 2018
25 Years of Satanic Symphonies - T-Shirt, Long-Sleeve & Zip-Hood now available!

We are proud to finally be able to reveal and offer you our exclusive “25 Years of Satanic Symphonies” design and exclusive merch range; T-Shirt, Long-Sleeve & Zip-Hood!

The artwork is made by Marcelo Vasco (Slayer, Creator, Soulfly etc). He has previously done some amazing works of art for us, such as the stunning cover of our "Nail Them To the Cross" single to mention a few.

We are running FREE SHIPPING thru Monday (Nov 26) for US Residents Only!

Anyway, we now have a lot of new and stunning designs and items available through our webstore. Check them out and make your purchase here;


Follow us on our social media:

Jul 25, 2018
New Official Caps Available Now

Now official Dark Funeral caps are available! Grab your copy now from below.

Dark Funeral ‘Logo’ Baseball Cap
Diaboliswear - Europe/World

Embroidered Logo Snap Back (Black)
Diaboliswear - North America

Jul 17, 2018
Thank you!

A big thanks goes out to all of you for sharing your DARK FUNERAL related photos and tagging us when you are wearing our hellish mark! To give something back, here's a tribute from us, @darkfuneralofficial, to you, with a collection of pictures that you have tagged us in. If you find your own picture here, feel free to tag yourself. Keep sharing! We, the band, and other fans appreciate it!

You can also email us your photos, images, fanart & tattos to fanart@darkfuneral.se

Our official webshop can be found at www.diaboliswear.com

Jul 15, 2018
Official Logo Mug

It can never get too black... Available now worldwide exclusively from our European store.

Grab your copy at: https://www.heavymetalonline.co.uk/.../mugs/dark-funeral-logo-mug/

Jul 2, 2018
4th of July United States Free Shipping Sale

US residents! We are having a 4th Of July Sale from now until the 8th of July! Free Shipping on EVERYTHING!

Grab your merch now: http://kr-m.co/darkfuneral

May 16, 2018
"Classic Logo" Bikini (Exclusive Limited Edition)

Official Dark Funeral "Classic Logo" now in a traditional bikini! This is a one size adjustable bikini. Classic and sexy! Don't wait, order now before they are gone!

Available in size XS to XL
Mail us your reservation to info@diaboliswear.com

250 SEK, 20 EUR, 18 GBP, 30 USD

130 SEK, 13 EUR, 11 GBP, 15 USD

130 SEK, 13 EUR, 11 GBP, 15 USD

Apr 24, 2018
Embroidered Logo Snap Back Available Now

Embroidered Logo Snap Back (Black) - now available though Diaboliswear - North America.

Buy here:

Diaboliswear is the official Dark Funeral Webstore with one online store based in Europe & one in USA.

Apr 18, 2018
Limited 2018 US Tour Items Now Available

Limited 2018 US Tour items are now available! Free postage for US Residents!

After our extremely successful US/CAN tour together with Septicflesh and Thy Antichrist, that ended about a month ago, we are having a sale of tour merch. Due to extremely popular designs we didn't manage to have a full inventory for all the gigs. And we know that many of you left the shows empty handed, simply because we ran out of items. This is your chance to solve that!

Order here: https://kingsroadmerch.com/dark-funeral

Webshop (Europe/World): http://www.diaboliswear.com

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